Erika Hacker – references and pictures

My references speak for myself

I would like to present my references below:

ratings from customers

  • Institution for mentally disabled people: Institution Hartheim Marchtrenk, Wilhering, Eferding, Hartkirchen
  • federal nursing home Schloss Cumberland Gmunden
  • real estate agency ERA – Reischauer Wels
  • federal women and children hospital Linz
  • hospital vienna Hietzing, technical management
  • federal hospital Rohrbach since 1996
  • federal hospital Freistadt
  • federal nursing school Rohrbach
  • federal hospital and nursing school Steyr
  • senior citizen residence Aigen and Ulrichsberg
  • federal hospital Schärding
  • federal pension insurance special class health institution and clinic Bad Schallerbach
  • linen mill Vieböck Helfenberg
  • bank company – headquarters Oberbank Wels, Ringstrasse 37
  • bank company – office Wels Lichtenegg
  • real estate department Oberbank Linz Donaulände
  • training center Oberbank Wienerstraße
  • culture center Höribachhof St. Lorenz at Mondsee
  • Held and Francke building construction and civil engineering company Linz
  • Design Center Linz
  • Industrial services company ´LIS´ Linz
  • municipal administraion of St. Johann/Wimberg
  • new construction of city hall
  • new settlement area and city planning
  • federal vocational school Rohrbach
  • secondary Rainerstraße Wels
  • fashion store Kolm
  • Freistadt + Perg
  • housing cooperative Neuhofen/Krems, Oberneukirchen
  • city of Traun, Color, Geromantie and Feng Shui
  • VOEST-alpine, steel plant, foundry
  • International projects vital energy Gmbh
  • „The seasons“ appartements, Talpe, Sri Lanka
  • “Corvia” seminar center, La Palma, canary islands
  • color and Feng Shui-advice for the federal hospital Rohrbach documentation hospital Rohrbach
  • federal hospital Gmunden
  • BIZ/GZO Wels – Reischauer consulting
  • doctors office from internist Dr. Haider Rohrbach

federal hospital Gmunden

federal hospital Schärding

federal hospital Rohrbach oncology garden

bank company, Oberbank local headquarters

federal hospital Rohrbach

federal hospital Freistadt

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