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Your professional consultant for feng shui, color and style, as well as geomancy in Rohrbach!

´You can´t see good feng shui, you feel it.´ – unknown

I would like to invite you to find your way to balance together with me. Life often means walking on the edge between activity and passivity, between hectic rush and calmness, whether it be in business or in private.

A lack of balance can result in burn out or an increased susceptibility to illness. Some things can’t or hardly can be influenced, but there actually are many options to improve the quality of life in your own four walls. Often even without a great deal of effort.

I look forward to your inquiry!


I bring people back to a state of harmony with their immediate environment.

Using the following services, I am able to put people in tune with their home, their fellows and even optimize their business.

Real estate sale and promotion:

A house with good energy can be sold or rented at better conditions. People like to stay at places with highly positive energy. Feng shui guarantees harmonic surroundings.

Wellness oasis:

My home is my castle (not only at home, also at a senior citizen residence, a convalescent home, a rehab, a modern spa facility, etc.)


Real estate: historic and energetic blockades are removed and energy is stabilized on a high level.

Cities and communities profit from positive energy! The quality of housing and the purchasing power are positively influenced by geomantic measures.

Business consulting:

Focusing on communication and work atmosphere results in measurable success. Good feng shui equals good business!

Reduction of stress and anxiety!

E.g. in a hospital: a good reception area creates an atmosphere of security, wellness and inner calmness.

This leads to a measurable quality increase of the hospital.

Patients, employees and visitors all can profit from a pleasant, stress-free atmosphere with beautiful colors.

Company logos according to feng shui guidelines:

Oliver Hacker graphic design: oliver.hacker@nullchello.at

A logo can support or weaken your business idea! A professional logo according to feng shui guidelines will do you good! Mr Hacker sees to it that you get your personal logo fitting your personal element!

Positive energy attracts positive people!

I look forward to your inquiry!


Erika Hacker – Consider yourself in the best of hands!

I would be delighted to advise you on your particular needs – contact me at +43 7289 6542 or send your inquiry!