Erika Hacker – Geomancy

Experience the power of the earth

“Man himself, if he uses his healthy senses, is the greatest physical device!” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Geomancy is the art of registering the powers of the earth and employing them. The word geomancy comes from the Greek and is comprised of “geos” (previously “gaia”), meaning earth, and “mantis”, meaning reading or interpreting.

One can also see it as a holistic empirical science that seeks to record and, if necessary, influence or heal the energetic, psychic and mental qualities of a location.

Mind and matter

Geomancy deals with the reciprocal influences of mind and matter. This means it is simultaneously spiritual and pragmatic.

Radiesthesia (greek-latin word combination of “radius” = ray or pole, and “aesthesis”= sentiment, sensibility, perception) is used in order to record or perceive geomantic phenomenons.

The tools that are used are divining rod, pendulum and new testing procedures that display the influence of disturbance zones on people.

The search concentrates mainly on water veins and faults, but questions from other areas like biology, geology, history, hydrology, medicine, physics and psychology are also incorporated.

Ceremonial places of cultures ranging from the Neolithic age up to the Germanic tribes and the Celts were built on places of special power.

In the general public all that remained of this old knowledge was the search for water veins and springs.

Thanks to the influence of feng shui, people in Europe are also starting to recollect these old construction traditions and combining the knowledge of the Europeans and the Asians into an interesting new concept of geomancy!

A location, lot or a house can also be heavily burdened by historical events!

We are not the first people to live here, and previous generations have often experienced war or other tragedies. These events are energetically stored in the earth and can cause massive turbulences! It makes no difference if it was a battel during Roman times, or a bomb explosion during the second World War.

Thanks to my intensive, longtime training as TAO senior master for taoistic geomancy, I can work with these historical energies and turn them into a harmonic, healthy and successful environment!

These special geomantic challenges are my main area of expertise and I am very pleased that I have already been able to achieve great success with them!

Do you have any questions? Then just contact me! I look forward to it!


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