Erika Hacker – Feng Shui

Feng Shui


The ancient Chinese teachings of feng shui are used to change our life in a positive way. We actively and directly influence our environment, thereby shaping our reality, to attain more harmony, health, wealth and success.

Feng shui uses the universal principles, to bring you into synch with the natural flow of life’s energies and therefore make your life healthier, more harmonic and more successful!

Feng Shui means “wind and water”


That’s why wind and water hold a special importance in feng shui, when energizing rooms and places. Water is a present of heaven, life-giving, source of all being and therefore source of absolute abundance. If the use of water is also overlaid with a specific intent, the water will „work“ for us toward that goal.

Careful placement of furniture and objects ensures that the wind, and with it the cosmic chi, can flow unobstructed. Like this, all areas of the house, even the ones at the back, are supplied with ample chi and oxygen, since chi attracts oxygen.

It’s all a question of awareness and faith


Our faith defines the things that have or don’t have effect on us in our lives. We alone give things meaning, whether we discover them by education, upbringing or experimentation. Feng shui will help you with the conscious designing of your environment to further your well-being and attain your goals. You have the potential to consciously direct your destiny!

Energy follows attention

This assumption means that the result of my actions is determined by how hard I concentrate on it! Using the bagua (8 symbols) it is possible to activate certain places in the house, in order to harmonize and promote a certain area of your life. 
Feng shui treats a house or a property like a living organism. That’s why the heart of a home or property plays a central role. Some procedures can be compared to acupuncture. 
Naturally, the right colors play a vital role when harmonizing your surroundings. The five elements help to align colors, shapes and materials to the people in question.