Erika Hacker – Colors

The phenomenon of colors

Colors are a very complex subject! A color is not just a subjective perception, something I like or don’t like. Colors also convey a whole lot of subconscious messages, which can be interpreted by almost all people. There are simply a few cultural differences. We can perceive colors with all our senses, even blind people can distinguish colors. Pleasant colors make us feel better in all areas of life!



  • Love
  • Energy, vitality, passion, activity
  • Anger, commotion
  • Hate, war, devil, sin, blood, danger
  • Aggression, pain
  • Desire, sexuality, eroticism
  • Will to survive


  • Exotic, sociable, radiant, optimistic
  • Cheap, superficial
  • Anxious, intrusive
  • Pleasurable, warm, cheerful
  • Let’s have a party!


  • The sum of all colors
  • White light contains all the colors of the rainbow
  • Faith, devoutness, color of the gods
  • Perfection, truth, honesty, purity
  • Innocence
  • The beginning, the new


  • Communication, optimism, freedom
  • Curiosity, luck, business sense, wisdom
  • Cheerfulness
  • Concentration, intellect, rationality, logic
  • Jealousy, envy, meanness
  • Ostracism


  • The “center” of all colors
  • Beginning, freshness, hope
  • Calming, relaxing
  • Balance, harmony
  • Helpfulness, tolerance


  • Darkness, secrets, emptiness
  • Dominance, egoism, mourning
  • Exclusivity, elegance, power, death
  • Danger, depression, confinement
  • Room color: caution when used by youths!
  • Black weakens the immune system


  • Cool, refreshing
  • Antiseptic
  • Talkative, healing, creative
  • Can reduce radiation exposure


  • Coolness ,purity, melancholy, rest
  • Range, harmony, relaxation, freshness
  • Cleanliness, romance, distance
  • Faithfulness, silence, introvertedness


  • Extravagance, vanity, repentance
  • Meditation, power, sensibility
  • Magic, humility, mysticism, feminism
  • Balance between the two sides of the brain
  • Change
  • Rarely suitable as a wall color