Feng shui – consciously living and residing in harmony

“Paradise is wherever I am”

Make your apartment and your garden into your personal place of power!
In ever-changing times, it is essential to have a hub in your life. A place that provides lots of positive energy, that lets you recharge and tackle the challenges of day-to-day life well-rested!
Your family life will also gain from it.
A positive environment is crucial for your quality of life and your work-life-balance.
A well-designed workspace without any disturbance zones will also positively influence your health and work climate.

Feng shui and geomancy are too effective to be ignored!

The phenomenon of colors – Many people are not aware of the influence that colors have on us!

The correct colors let us look fresh, healthy and attractive!
Colors influence our moods, can mobilize us or sooth us.
The colors of a room can warm us or cool us, can increase concentration or even aggression.
Colors even have an important influence on our health!
A fascinating expedition into the world of colors.

“Somebody who is scared of colors, is scared of life” – Gianni Versace

Aspects of a “vital business” consultancy

Proven knowledge is used to strengthen productivity and creativity. Success and profitability are significantly improved.

  • Creating places of power: ground energy and geopathic disturbance zones have a considerable impact on productivity. Earth healings are a transformative process that act in a very supporting way. Activation of vital points with stones and fountains are a part of them. The result is prosperity and vitality.
  • Optimal layout of workplaces: Each employee should have HIS OWN place in the building and the company hierarchy. This allows an optimal workflow without emotional stress factors.
  • Harmonic shapes and designs: Shapes and symbols directly influence the well-being of people. They result in motivated employees and a harmonic work climate.
  • Company logos and stationary according to feng shui guidelines can significantly boost the success of a company.
  • Qi-Flow workflow: Energy should flow into all areas of the company, in order to avoid internal blockades. Capacity for teamwork, flow of communication and dynamics are an optimal premise for a great work climate.

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